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The Robot

From unknown origin this character first appears here. With a hatred of humans, a low vocabulary and low morals this robot creates all kind of trouble, including pairing up with Mary Ann’s killoctopus here.

A Japanese made children’s toy shipped and sold in America. Powered by love and with poor English skills the killoctopus befriends its child owner and tries to convince them to kill their family for mysterious, unknown reasons. To find out more about the killoctopus stories, click HERE.
Mary Ann
Given a killoctopus by her parents she has suffered the wrath of the Japanese created toy. With her parents dead and her house destroyed she now heads to Japan to return her defective toy and sue for suffering and damages. Mary Ann makes her first appearance here.
The Trucker
The trucker ends up picking Mary Ann and her killoctopus as they were trying to hitch hike to Japan. Not much is known about this man, except that he does indeed love his killoctopus and works for the company that makes them. The trucker makes his first appearance here.
The Trucker's Killoctopus
A long time close friend of the truckers, this killoctopus follows the trucker everywhere. Visually it is very similar to Mary Ann’s killoctopus, except for its nifty trucker’s hat. It’s first appearance is here.
Brain Blob
Escaped from the jar full of waste from the brain sucking tool “The Guilteraso 2000” the brain blob now wanders the streets looking for a purpose. The brain blob’s origin starts in this small story line here.

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